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Creative Writing Mentorship

Researching and Writing

In addition to being an author and dance instructor, I’m also a personal creative writing coach. I am currently offering creative writing coaching for writers working on Middle Grade Fiction, Young Adult Fiction and Adult Fiction.

Communication and feedback will happen via e-mail and focus on ways you can personally strengthen YOUR writing.


I teach using the methods by which I was taught while earning my Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from Spalding University in Louisville, providing encouragement along with constructive criticism that offers the author options regarding how to strengthen his or her work.

Check out this testimonial from a fellow professional and debuting author:


From the opening page of my novel, Kelly's thoughtful feedback showcased her understanding of my characters and plot. She picked up on theme and subtext right away, and used it to tailor her notes, leaving me with no doubt that I was working with a careful reader who really understood what my story was all about, and how to improve it.

Kelly's insight was invaluable and yet reserved. She didn't take over my project--rather, she helped me sharpen my own voice instead of substituting it with her own. She read each scene with an eye for conflict, goal, and motivation, and provided knowledgeable instruction on the mechanical aspects of my prose, as well.

As an accomplished professional author, Kelly's expertise also extended to the business side of writing. She shared many helpful notes about her journey as a hybrid author, with practical advice for starting a career in the current publishing climate. Kelly was constructive and always responded to email quickly, even while maintaining a busy schedule of her own.

I'd recommend Kelly without hesitation to any writer who is serious about improving their craft. Her guidance was instrumental in preparing me for publication and strengthening my skills.  ---Scott

Feedback will include commentary on:

-Revision techniques
-Identifying your habits (the good and the kind that you may want to tweak)
-Tips and tricks to refine your prose/tighten your writing
-How to overcome writer’s block

-Character development
-Pointing you to additional resources that will help you specifically
-Answering questions about the business side of writing

-Answering questions about your project


In addition to an editorial letter, I offer notes in the margins of your work and will correspond with you via e-mail regarding any questions you have about my notes or your project.


Please note that this service is not a general critique of your work. Critique is involved and included, but the emphasis is on providing you with tools and tips to strengthen your craft and abilities as a whole.

In other words, my goal with this service is to equip you with long-lasting tools and knowledge that will aid you in your current projects and in all of your future and past writing projects.

I’m naturally encouraging and I take a nurturing approach. I work under the rule that good feedback should always provide the writer with options and inspire critical and creative thinking. I believe feedback should never dishearten or discourage or seek to commandeer or control.

If your goal as a writer is to become more empowered with your craft, to explore and enhance your own creative voice while also developing the knowledge to distill your ideas into a professional piece of writing, then this service might be the right fit for you.

Also, these packages are designed to meet writers where they are, whether you are a seasoned writer, or just beginning your creative writing journey. Art is always moving and evolving and, therefore, artists are, too.


This service is designed to:

  • Identify your personal writing goals

  • Aid you in becoming a stronger writer overall

  • Celebrate and recognize your strengths

  • Identify your weaknesses and explore ways to strengthen them

  • Strengthen both your project and your craft

  • Hone your storytelling skills

  • Explore character development

  • Identify who your audience is and tweak your project accordingly

  • Empower you to move forward in all writing projects with confidence in your abilities

  • Explore different techniques in fiction and storytelling

  • Teach techniques for approaching revision

  • Review and learn the nuts and bolts of fiction

For all below packages, formatting should fit the industry standard and be:

  • Double Spaced

  • 12 Point Font

  • Times new Roman

  • One Inch Margins

After booking me, I will be in contact with you via the e-mail provided through PayPal within 24 hours.

Standard Packages:


  • 25 Manuscript Pages $250

  • 50 Manuscript Pages $425




  • 100 Manuscript Pages $800




Packages with a revision component: To book one of these, please contact me directly via the contact button below

  • 25 Manuscript Pages + Same Length Revision (Two payments. $250 and $150)

For this package, you would submit 25 Manuscript pages. After receiving feedback from me, you would revise your pages and submit the same material again. Payments are due with the submission of the material.

  • 50 Manuscript Pages + 25 Pages of Revision (Two payments: $425 and $150)

For this package, you would submit 50 Manuscript pages. After receiving feedback from me, you would revise your pages and submit 25 revised pages from the same project. Payments are due with the submission of the material.






Need help with a query letter? I offer query letter critiques for $50

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